Homes for All - Massachusetts

Policy and legislation

Priority legislation

  • An Act enabling cities and towns to stabilize rents and protect tenants S.1299 (Sen. Jehlen & Sen. Gomez) / H.2103 (Rep. Dave Rogers & Rep. Montaño)
    This bill would repeal the ban on rent control and enable municipalities to enact local rent control ordinances to stabilize housing costs and prevent no-cause evictions.
       Fact sheet – rent control legislation  |   Additional rent control info
  • An Act establishing a Massachusetts foreclosure prevention program S.653 / H.942 (Sen. Gomez / Rep. Barber)
    This bill would establish a statewide Foreclosure Prevention Program to require servicers to participate in pre-foreclosure mediation with homeowners to explore alternatives to foreclosures.
      Fact sheet – foreclosure prevention program

Additional legislation we support

  • An Act to guarantee a tenant's first right of refusal (TOPA)
    S.880 / H.1350 (Sen. Jehlen & Sen. Gomez / Rep. Livingstone & Rep. Consalvo)
  • An Act granting a local option for a real estate transfer fee to fund affordable housing
    S.1771 / H.2747 (Sen. Comerford / Rep. Connolly)
  • An Act providing for climate change adaptation infrastructure and affordable housing investments in the commonwealth
    S.1799 / H.2894 (Sen. Eldridge / Rep. Montaño)
  • Act promoting access to counsel and housing stability in Massachusetts
    S.864 / H.1731 (Sen. DiDomenico / Rep. Dave Rogers and Rep. Day)
  • An Act to improve the housing development incentive program
    S.870 (Sen. Eldridge)
  • An Act relative to reforming the housing development incentive program S.863 (Sen. DiDomenico)
    An Act to reform the housing development incentive program tax credits H.1300 (Rep. Capano)
  • An Act relative to summary process and rental assistance
    S.1048 / H.1682 (Sen. Miranda / Rep Montaño & Rep. Capano)
  • An Act relative to removing barriers to creating affordable housing
    S.1308 / H.2028 (Sen. Miranda / Rep. Barber)