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Housing is a human right!

¡Tener un techo es un derecho!

Urgent: pass "An act to prevent COVID-19 evictions and foreclosures and promote an equitable housing recovery" now.

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flyer about rights of tenants and homeowners following end of eviction moratorium
volante sobre derechos de inquilinos y dueños después del vencimiento del moratorio de dsalojos

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Other policies we support (partial list)

In addition to the priority campaign for the COVID-19 housing equity bill to prevent tens of thousands of COVID-19 evictions and foreclosures and promote housing justice in the recover, Homes for All Mass supports policies including:

  • TOPA - Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act
  • Real Estate Transfer Fee
  • Local options for tenant protections including rent control and just cause eviction protection
  • Deeds excise fee increase to fund affordable housing and climate justice
  • ... and many more policies – complete list and links to details coming soon.

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