Homes for All - Massachusetts

Homes for All Massachusetts
Statement on Governor Baker’s “diversion initiative”

October 12, 2020

Over 100,000 households in Massachusetts can't keep up with housing payments and are at risk of eviction during a pandemic. The hard truth is that Governor Baker’s plan does not solve the problem and will lead to a massive wave of evictions and foreclosures.

We need the State Legislature and Governor to truly protect tenants, homeowners, and small-scale landlords by immediately passing and enacting the Housing Stability Act (H.5018). That is the only way to ensure people are not forced out of their homes and into overcrowded conditions that will put lives at risk by sparking new outbreaks of coronavirus infection.

Because of the pandemic, people across the Commonwealth have missed rent or mortgage payments through no fault of their own. If our state truly cares about racial justice, and if we really meant it when we hailed the courage and importance of essential workers, we can't settle for the Governor's plan. Because if stronger action is not taken, families around the state will be forced from their homes and working class people and communities of color will be hurt most of all.

That is why we're marching to the Governor's house on Wednesday to urge him to support the Housing Stability Act, the only option that will actually prevent mass evictions and foreclosures.

– Homes for All Massachusetts